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8 Mar

False Tuna and Barracuda…the new Lobster!

Nicaragua Series – Part II

Andrew and I are addicted to fishing so we charter a small boat http://www.sanjuandelsursurf.com/services.php#ftrips with a great local tour group. We head out into the Pacific and as soon as our lines hit the water, “Fish on!”. Mackerel, tuna, snapper, jack, dorado and big and I mean big barracuda. It was the kind of trip where you can’t stop throwing the line in, but at the same time, your arms are so spent that after a while you can’t even hold the rod. Caroline never deep sea fished before and she caught the biggest fish of the day, a 5’ long barracuda. Exhilarating. We get back to the dock and the mate cleans our fish for us. He says “Do you want everything?” We said we’d take a bit of each fish but not the barracuda – we don’t eat barracuda in Jersey. The mate and captain look shocked, “Barracuda for us is your lobster. It’s amazing”. Can’t pass that up.

We arrive back at the estate and we make some cocktails and I decide to make ceviche with the barracuda. Yes. It was delightful! We all ate so much that we weren’t sure that we could have the fish that we had fried for dinner.


Patrick had disappeared for a bit and we were wondering where he could have gone. He came down the stairs and he looked like he had seen a ghost. Patrick said, “You know, after Kelly had said she and her family fished her entire life, and always threw back barracuda, I became curious. I went online…maybe you all should sit down. Have you ever heard of Ciguatera? It’s the most commonly reported marine toxin disease in the world, associated with the eating of contaminated reef fish such as barracuda, grouper, and snapper.” We spent the remainder of the night staring at one another waiting for the first one to fall.

Luckily we all woke up the next day, feeling a bit off, but alive!

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